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Our food can be picked up by you at Mele Bistro 


Until, July 15, 2020, we can offer you complimentary delivery.  


One of many reasons we support our local farmers & small farms is they bring a taste of real flavors to Mele Bistro.



With Farm-To-Table Cage-Free, PASTURE-RAISED, Non-GMO, Hormones-Free Eggs, and All Natural Flour Non-GMO.


  • Fiber, Antioxidants, & Omega 3 Are Primary Focus of Our Menu & Quality Choices.

  • We Do Not Use Any Can Tomato, Soy Products, MSG, Food Coloring, and Meat Tenderizer Powder or Seasoning. 

  • OUR NATURAL BEEF, LAMB ARE 100% Grass-Fed. Non-GMO, No Hormones, No Antibiotics, and No Animal By-Products, Free Range. Raised On Small U.S. Farms With High Detailed Brix Measurement.

  •  OUR NATURAL CHICKENS ARE, Farm-To-Table, Cage-Free, Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO, and Hormones-Free

  • OUR GRASS-FED BEEF, LAMB: 100% Grass-Fed. Nothing Added Ever: No Hormones, No Antibiotics, And No Animal By-Products Ever, Free Range. Raised On Small U.S. Farms With High Detailed Brix Measurement. 


  • No Soy Sauce or Soy Products is Being Mixed or Used in Our Burgers.   

  • Mele Bistro is for fine, contemporary, and casual dining.  

  • We do offer complimentary parking for lunch & dinner.  

  • Our menu changes daily. 

  • We do not use any CAN TOMATOES, soy products, MSG, food coloring, nor meat tenderizers.  

  • We use only European butter. 

  • The origin of each item on the menu is next to the item on the menu.  

  • We offer a great selection of fresh appetizers, soups,  salads, sandwiches,  varieties of pizzas, burgers (grass-fed and non-grass-fed), seafood, and meat (grass-fed beef and non-grass-fed), duck, and etc.  

  • Our North American jumbo sea scallops are hand-picked scallops.   

  • All of our shrimps are from North America and packaged in North America.  

  •  Our Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, and Swordfish are offered only from Hawaii (we do offer more varieties from Hawaii).  

  • All our lamb are from Pennsylvania farm-to-table. 

  • All of our meat is aged and fresh from North America (We do not offer any meat from Australia nor New Zealand, but we offer their fresh seafood).   

  •  All of our seafood is from Hawaii (overnight shipping), North America, Europe, and South America and only one fish from Japan.   

  • Our Black Angus striploin steak has been aged to perfection.  

  • Our chicken and poulet rouge chicken are all-natural from North Carolina.  

  • We use Only Organic or free-range eggs.  

  • Our fresh berries are organic.  

  • 60% of our products are from our local farmers (during the season). 

  • All year-round, we use locally farm-grown apples.  

  • We are in the process of introducing many new products and items from farm to tables, in house smoked dishes, high fibers, and high antioxidant dishes.  We will be offering the most unusual and healthy traditional pancakes and crepes with high-quality flour, high in fibers and antioxidants for Saturdays and Sunday’s lunch, and more.   

  • Our goal is to make sure you get a high-quality product.  It is important to us how the quality of our products affect how you feel while and after you dine at Mele Bistro.   

  •  A copy of the menu is available and it can be faxed or emailed to you.   



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