Your experience  starts as soon as you arrive.  You start with our oven baked hot bread, Spanish olive oil, Italian Balsamic vinager, Sea salt, and our blend of mixed Peppers that we grind daily  at 11:00am and 5:00pm.  . 

Execution of your meal will always be in the hands of the chef and it involves many elements.  We select our suppliers very carefully to ensure   the best quality possible.  One of many reason we support our local farmers & small farms is they bring a taste of real flavors to Mele Bistro and it is our responsibilities to support them.  We know we have no contol over the way a fish was raised or lettuce was harvested.  But, with our chef's knowledge and experience we execute many dishes for your enjoyment that will highlight your day and their labor. 


 We offer many choices soup, salad, seafood, meat, pastas, meat and seafood (only overnight from Hawaii) crudo, and desserts.  We want to be your restaurant for special occasions because every moment in your life is a special ocassion whether your at your first  or  secound home here.   

We offer a healthy, and a well balance menu. We take your health very seriously and we select only from vendors we know.  We don't use any Food Coloring, Can Tomato, Meat Tenderizer, Soy Product, nor MSG. 

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