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Everybody has a favorite person in his or her life.  Our  favorites are all our guests from the moment they walk-in to the moment they leave,

We hope your dinning experience leaves a lasting  menory.These two persons gave us momentum and creativity and pushed us to the edge. They are "liquid Gold".  And everybody wishes to know  somebody like them.  One of them is Mary, she never stops cruitiquing  she never stops supporting us, and she never stops encouraging us.  she inspires us.  We had to design a bathroom to meet her standard and to show how different from others and we are not finished yet...  

And the seocnd one is Barbara,  no matter how busy we are in the dining room, she give us the best and the most beautiful smile that one can see or experience.  We wanted to match her personality from the time that she walk-in to the time she goes until next time.  We desgined this BAR by looking at a piece of cloud and reflection of light from the sun from 20,000.00 feet above the skies of

Las Vegas (the bar top is similar to the cloud and the onyx is from Italy and lights through it is similar to the lights form the sun) and everything about it is natural just like that Cloud, the Sun and Her.


Thanks Mary & Barbara.  

You are in our heart forever not for business just for...


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