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Walk through our historic, trendy neighbourhood of Arlington, Va, to our historical shopping center to Mele Bistro where you can feel at home and see the sky through our skylight and floor to ceiling windows. Where the   weather is always "good," rain or shine, because you will always feel at home. 


Dine in a  relaxing setting with no distractions.  Enjoy Non GMO natural homemade pasta, a natural burger, salad, natural meat, or a wild caught seafood, it just doesn't matter, you will be relaxed and have fun and you canl trust us with yany special dietary considerations


Looking for a Power Lunch spot, or just looking to get out of the office .Your mood starts to change when you arrive and have a piece of our in house oven baked bread with our Spanish olive oil, sea salt, and a special  blend of peppers.

Mele Bistro

1723 Wilson Blvd.

Arlington, VA 22209

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Mele Bistro is located within  walking distance from all hotels in Rosslyn(Metro), Courthouse(Metro), and Georgetown (Washington D.C).

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